sandy mcknight - producer/writer/songwriter/musician/phlebotomist
“Sandy McKnight is a musical visionary. He not only writes the type of song you hear once and cannot get out of your head, but is also a confident, prolific and sensitive music producer and arranger able to work in many styles. I have seen him pull together teams of experienced musicians in a pinch, and I have seen him discover, inspire and nurture new talent. He is also a comedic storyteller who has developed and produced projects in live theater and in film alike. On top of all that, his good natured, easy going manner make him a pleasure to be around. I highly recommend Sandy to anyone looking for a creative musical talent with a quick wit and a warm heart.”  -  Yvette Kaplan, Director, 'Beavis and Butt-Head', MTV Animation


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"HOW I CHANGED THE WORLD"featuring sandy's songs, performed by him and:
 liv cummins, the truants, the ragamuffins of love, joni klein higger, the expendables, numbers, and jonathan edwards.

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some sandy highlights through the years:
1965- survived northeast power blackout...went bowling
1967- saw hendrix open for the monkees (look it up)
1968- went to chicago to demonstrate at the democratic tear-gassed but not clubbed
1969- went to nixon inauguration to boo
1969- got kicked out of brooklyn tech h.s. for running a
write-in campaign for student president under the banner of the 'pot party'
1969- went to woodstock
1970- went to moratorium to end war
1971- moved to upstate ny w/family
1972- graduated h.s. (finally)...moved back to nyc
1973- played, simultaneously, with boogie rock band 'spitfire boys' and jazz fusion band 'nevins and bond'
1975/76- played in punk funk disco band 'free and easy'
1977- created public access tv show 'we're the truants',
about a fake band with british accents (hmm)
1977- survived power blackout #2...didn't bowl
1978- formed 'the coupons' (slogan: no redeeming value)
with future smithereens drummer dennis diken
1979/80- played in legendary band 'numbers' doing the
cbgb circuit
1981- recorded with m. frog (jean-yves labatt) at todd
rundgren studio with todd producing
1983- started recording and self-producing my own material
1983- formed 'the truants', underappreciated power
pop band
1986- moved to london uk to try to make a mark in the
music scene there
1987- didn't make a mark...came back to nyc
1991- moved to l.a. on the day of the rodney king beating
1992- survived the rodney king riots
1992- opened 'arrow productions', recording and producing demos in hollywood
1992- recorded first solo album '12timesme'
1993- recorded collection 'six of one'
1994- survived northridge earthquake
1994- left l.a....returned to upstate ny
1994- started '22 records', an indie label showcasing
1995- released amazing compilation cd of 11 upstate artists 'pop!ternatives'...great reviews worldwide
1998- 'perry', my pet comedy project, is performed live
with 'buster' from arrested development (tony hale)
1999- first tv writing exposure on vh1
2001- survived 9/11 attacks
2001- moved back upstate
2003- formed CAT, a non-profit arts company, with liv
cummins and chris dellea
2003- released cd 'in solitary'
2006- produced video of 'perry' (see above)
2007- released 'the ragamuffins of love' cd 'wise up!'
2008- produced a phil ochs tribute show, with jonathan edwards, sonny ochs, lincoln mayorga and jill colucci
2010- released 66-song retrospective
2011- played live shows with both the fiasco and the debacle, at top venues on both coasts and in amsterdam
2012- recorded 4 songs with earl slick, gary burke and graham maby
2013- new band, sandy mcknight & the idea, begins
2014- debut of his new comedic play "rent hair"
2015- had a year of acoustic shows around the country
2016- co-founded berkshire org. for original music (BOOM)
2017- finalist in 4 film festivals for 'the ragamuffins of love'
2018- formed Pop-Clique, and recorded Wow & Flutter 70s project and video
2019- wrote KID69, a memoir of my 15 y.o. self

i might have left out a few things.
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