sandy mcknight - producer/writer/songwriter/musician/phlebotomist
recent speech by bernie announcing new release

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"5 EP Pieces is chock-full of great, feel-good hooks. It's an excellent amalgam of styles reminiscent of Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, The Beatles, The Kinks, Squeeze, and Clive Gregson's Any Trouble. I'm having a hard time choosing between "Glad You Came Around" and "Something Better" as my fave. On the one hand, "Glad You Came Around" is a hands-down pop hit, but on the other hand, "Something Better" could be a Smile-era Brian Wilson classic . So for me, I guess it's a toss-up!" - Fett Nashville

and the current solo acoustic cd   

see all the videos here

sept. 24   
rhinebeck porch music

october - 'boom tv'
sandy & liv 
pittsfield community tv

october 6   8pm
sandy mcknight's 
the log/williamstown MA

sandy is a writer, producer, performer, musician and lion tamer.
he's had over 500 songs published, 200+ recorded and covered by various artists, and produced hundreds of recordings for other artists.
he's written for tv, the stage, and sketch comedy shows.
he's the creator/writer/director of the tv pilot 'the ragamuffins of love', which includes his original music. he created and produced a tv pilot, 'perry', that can be seen online. 
he teaches youth musical theater workshops, songwriting workshops,
and other stuff.

he's been a radio dj, an indie label owner and an a&r guy.
he plays bass really well, other instruments not so much, and designs things like album covers, logos and posters.
he's the president of a not-for-profit arts company, and has written 2 screenplays.
there's also a book, several cds as a singer/songwriter, that musical, "the big one", that plays all over, his virtual band 'the ragamuffins of love', and maybe some other stuff we forgot.
other than that, he's just been hangin'. 

"I really love this new album... It's starts off strong, and flows great to the end. I've listened to it three times all the way through now and have found new nuances with each listen...It's fun and heartfelt."
— Dave Michaels, WEXT exit 97.7
THANKS DAVE!    CD available at AMAZON.COM


available at


a few thoughts about my  3-cd set HOW I CHANGED THE WORLD ...
it's 66 of my songs, written over the past 30 years.
there are a number performed by artists who have covered my songs. the few people who've heard this collection have honestly been blown away. there isn't a throw-away cut on any of the 3 cds. the sound quality is excellent, even on the older recordings, which i recently remastered. the whole package comes in a 12" LP jacket, so it looks like a vinyl record. but inside are 4 cds...3 with music, and 1 with 60 pages of liner notes, pictures, and info on each track. you can load the liner notes cd on a computer or kindle's a .pdf . the pictures trace my entire career, from the late 60s to the present.  it's now ready for your ears and eyes.

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